Retail & Procurement


Industry Overview

The rebound in construction activity as well as the boom within the mining sector has seen an escalation is sales demand for electrical equipment / supplies.  The growing trend towards energy-efficiency and reality home renovations shows on TV, all continue to support electrical equipment wholesalers in the coming years.

New building construction programs and federally funded infrastructure will increase demand for products like light fixtures, wiring and other products.  Additionally, energy-related issues are anticipated to move higher on the political and social agenda in the next five years. Because of concerns about climate change, consumers are forecast to demand more green electrical products, giving the industry an opportunity for growth.

For electrical wholesalers, they need to take advantage of the good times and grow their business to meet demands.  Shoppers using websites and smartphones to research, price and also purchase equipment and supplies is at an all-time high.  Product catalogs of high integrity need to be managed more efficiently internally, and then synchronized between trading channels, websites, print agencies and smartphone apps to ensure the information is easily available and correct.