Global Data Synchronization (GDSN) Solutions

GDSN Solutions for Suppliers:

iICE PIM / MDM is designed to provide companies with a highly configurable, yet easy-to-use master, data management solution with a GDSN-certified connection to 1WorldSync, TrueSource, and the National Product Catalog (NPC).

iICE provides users with advanced Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) functionality such as GDSN-optimized workflows, interfaces, and management analysis reports that handle New Product Development (NPD), New Product Introduction (NPI), and Product Maintenance (PM) processes.  These advanced tools ultimately improve business efficiencies around the data gathering, validation, and ongoing management of GDSN catalogs.

Pre-configured to your specific data pool requirements, iICE MDM is a scalable solution that will allow you to easily meet compliance with global standards and industry requirements such as GS1 Item Alignment via GDSN, FDA submissions for UDI / GUDID (via 1WorldSync), and HL7.  This turnkey solution is available in both a SaaS model and a behind-the-firewall system.  The SaaS offering requires minimal investment in IT resources and little specialist knowledge; the behind- the-firewall offering has frequently been implemented with integration to major ERP systems such as SAP and JD Edwards, as well as many other custom and packaged solutions.

iICE PIM / MDM includes the iICE Connector for 1WorldSync (IM), which pre-configures the system with all GDSN rules, attributes, reference codes, and data entry forms that allow you to publish seamlessly to global data pools such as 1WorldSync, TrueSource, and NPC.

iICE Validator for GDSN is a simple to use desktop data-sync compliance tool designed ideally for suppliers who need to maintain product catalogs specifically for GDSN data pools such as 1WorldSync, TrueSource, and NPC.  Users can import or enter their product catalog data and use the user-friendly graphical interface to easily load, review, and perform data validation.

  • GDSN certified by 1WorldSync, GS1 Australia, GS1 UK, and GS1 NZ
  • Fully installed and upgraded via the Internet (similar to virus protection software)
  • One button uploads to data pools (No need to log in to slow and inefficient online web interfaces)
  • User-friendly interface for bulk data updates
  • Operated from behind your firewall and is always secure and available
  • Supports the printing of retail buying forms
  • Options to support product images and document attachments


GDSN Solutions for Data Recipients and Distributors:

iICE Connector for 1WorldSync (Data Recipients / Distributors) is available as part of the iICE PIM / MDM software.  This module is pre-configured to support the needs of companies that need to download / upload supplier catalog updates from GDSN data pools such as 1WorldSync, TrueSource, and NPC. This model provides full support for retailers, IDNs / hospitals, etc.  It enables distributors and GPOs  to stage and review the supplier/vendor product catalog and enrich the content before re-publishing to data pools and other trading partners.

These data recipients can workflow the processes to validate, transform, then approve clean' product data into their back-end systems, including warehouse management systems, ERP, business intelligence, and merchandising applications.


Unique Device Identification (UDI) and HL7 Standards Support:

Since September 2013, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandated the use of Unique Device Identification (UDI) for medical devices sold in America.  This information needs to be synchronized using global data pools.  Innovit's iICE PIM / MDM system will allow your organization to support the GDSN, as well as meet the FDA's UDI regulation for submission of medical device data to the GUDID. This model works via Innovit's certified iICE Connecter for 1WorldSync, and includes interfaces and workflows that are pre-configured and optimized for the collection and submission of UDI-specific data attributes.