iICE MDM / PIM (Enterprise Edition)

iICE MDM (Enterprise Edition) is specifically designed for the wholesale or retail distributor with a large and diverse range of products.

Merchandising and marketing staff of these 'aggregator' organizations have to support the demands of numerous suppliers and customers in their B2B trading environment. Collecting updated product data from suppliers for pricing and merchandising functions is a daily challenge.  There is also the need to generate content, whether internally or through advertising agencies, for the purpose of advertising and promotion.  On the marketing front, there is the need to customize product data for publishing internet catalogs, printed books, brochures, and business-to-business (B2B) trading.

Within the complex IT landscape of a large distributor, product data is often scattered across multiple databases and disparate systems (ERP, CRM, POS, WMS, data warehouses etc).  Data integrity and data synchronization is a major operational challenge for IT staff.

iICE Enterprise Edition is designed for these organizations whose sheer volume of products, suppliers and customers demand advance functionality for managing the data that is used across different processes such as merchandising, procurement, forecasting and planning.