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iWirkflo solutions from Innovit empower organizations with the toolset to implement a more disciplined and controlled process or managing critical business functions such as New Product Development & Introduction.  Approval workflow from within iWirkflo ensures that successful product launches lead to a range of downstream benefits such as more accurate reporting on product/promotion history, improved communication to field force teams for campaign execution.  It also ensures that you have a 'finger on the pulse' in the unlikely event of an unsuccessful promotional campaign or product recall.

Our customers have been able to remove many of the non-value added processes that in the past have caused them to miss deadlines and months of work due to the lack of process control.  Innovit's iWirkflo solutions turn a once 'manual and paper based' process into a systematic, workflow routed tasks that provide electronic sign-off/approvals, exception alerts, document & image management, control dashboards for visible project task tracking. Benefits include:

  • Systematic processes for gathering and maintenance of product information (across many departments, people & processes)
  • Implementation of a controlled and disciplined workflow process
  • Report visibility, transparency on product/campaign status (where the information is at any time)
  • Real time data validation to ensure the utmost data integrity and quality (accuracy and integrity) tools that ensure data accuracy and quality