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Clean & accurate transactional data

For manufactures & suppliers, having clean & accurate information about their products in their customer’s procurement system is a critical factor to doing business.  Your customers (buyers) need confidence that the data they are synchronizing, complies with global and local industry standards.  Product data is used not only in the procurement process, but also within your customers merchandizing, marketing & advertising systems, including the warehouse management & supply chain.

Managing vendors & customers

Within the NPD / NPI / PLM process for brand manufacturers and suppliers, there is an enormous amount of information being captured.  Being able to manage your vendors and their raw material (BOMs), in conjunction with your finished goods and customer information will ultimately provide you with an effective and very visible supply and demand chain.

Data synchronization

Like any other business, quality information about your products is critical to allow your customers (buyers) to be able to place orders.  Having access to product information, including rich content such as images, drawings, documents, reports is a constant challenge to meet.  The ability to produce customised product catalogs in the specific formats to suit your trading partners makes doing business more simple and efficient.  Supporting the GDSN standards for Global Data Synchronization (GDSN) will also allow you to publish your product data to customers via global data pools such as 1WorldSync, TrueSource & NPC / DHBNC.

Process control for NPD / NPI / PLM

Brand manufacturers / suppliers are constantly breaking ground with new products to fit new market segments.  Speed to market is essential to ensure their company has first option of the lucrative shelf space available in retail stores.  Control & visibility are important aspects to the entire New Product Development & Introduction process, as well as your overall Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) program.  Ensuring that the stakeholders within your NPD / NPI process have completed critical tasks ensures new product launches are on-time and correct.


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