Our Company


B2BE have a partnership agreement to resell Innovit's iICE products in New Zealand.  B2BE is an international organization that helps businesses be more efficient and profitable through the deployment of business-to-business e-Solutions.  Since its inception in Australia, B2BE has expanded its operations across Europe and Asia, serving customers in diverse industries and market segments.


EC Integrators (ECI) is a leading professional services organization that offers specialized consulting and services expertise in:

  • Master Data Management(MDM)
  • Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence
  • Data Integration, Data Cleansing and Data Migration
  • Data Governance
  • Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture

Founded in 1995, ECI has a proven track record of delivering high quality end-to-end Data Management and Data Warehousing solutions on time and on budget, clearly differentiating ECI in the industry.  EC Integrators provides solutions and services throughout Australia to a wide range of clients across industry, including finance, food, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail and government agencies.


Praesto provide experienced consultants to implement and support CRM, Busines Intellegence and MDM / PIM solutions.  Praesto are highly commited on providing value to our clients, at every interaction, to ensure we deliver cost-effective and successful projects.  Our team are agile and focused totally on the needs of our customers.  .