Retail & Procurement

Challenges of Retail

Challenges of Retail

Retail trading partners are constantly reacting to changes within consumer shopping trends.  Companies now need to react much faster, and be more efficient within their New Product Development (NPD), New Product Introduction (NPI) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) programs.  You need to have the right product, available at the right place and time;  it's critical to success.  Ensuring your organization is operating efficiently and at peak control has never been more important.

Retail & Merchandising

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Merchandise & Category Management

Data synchronization with suppliers

Omni-channel Retailing

Workflow Management for NPD / NPI / PLM

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Clean, accurate and reliable data for orders

Efficient supply chain and order fulfilment

Omni-channel sales and marketing

Process control for private label NPD / NPI / PLM