Retail & Procurement

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Merchandise & Category Management

Buyers within retailer chains need clean, accurate and current information from their suppliers so as to complete consumer level transactions within stores or via the internet.  Data quality & accuracy is key to the buying & merchandise planning success.  This same data also drives reporting and analysis that ensures the correct decisions have been made within category reviews, demand planning / forecasting, promotional planning, and of course warehouse management. 

Data synchronization with suppliers

Global Data Synchronization (GDSN) via data pools such as 1WorldSync, TrueSource & NPC / DHBNC is now a standard process of exchanging product and price information between buyers and suppliers.  This process allows companies to use the GDSN standards for data sync to 'talk a common language' and provide a more efficient, accurate process to ensure that product catalogs are aligned.  Regardless whether your organization receives catalog updates via buying forms, web forms or global data pools, you need the ability to stage the data and allow business or category managers to review and approve the information from suppliers before its validated & integrated to internal systems.

Omni-channel eCommerce

Mobile internet and smartphones now allow consumers to connect in real-time with your advertising and promotional campaigns.  Publishing clean, accurate and current product catalogs in a variety of digital formats has become a mandatory requirement.  Integration to back-office applications also allows you full visibility to stock levels and inventory/warehouse management. 

Workflow management for NPD / NPI / PLM

Retailers of all sizes have seen the many benefits associated with ‘generic’ or private label branded products.  Your marketing and innovation teams focus on new product development & introduction programs.  In many cases, these teams will be required to deal with external parties for manufacturing, design, packaging through to supply change and merchandising tasks - both locally and also globally.  Workflow Management for NPD / NPI / PLM ensures you have complete control & visibility to maximize results and achieve crucial ‘speed to market’ objectives.