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Clean & accurate transaction data

Essential to any retail environment is the ability to conduct consumer level transactions at the store point-of-sale.  Global Data Synchronization (GDSN) with suppliers ensures that the information within your merchandise system is current, accurate and complies with global standards.  This ensures efficient controls are in place around your inventory management, stock orders and store level merchandising / promotions.

Efficient supply chain & order fulfilment

Out of stocks are the most critical element for any retail chain.  Customers need to have products on the shelf at the right time, right place, and in the right quantity.  To reduce this risk, operating an efficient and visible supply chain process with your trading partners is crucial.  Paramount to this is clean & accurate product data that has been synchronized with your suppliers.

Omni-channel sales and marketing

As most bricks & mortar retailers have realised that their stores must extend from the street to the web.  Shoppers today research, review as well as compare product offers in very different ways to past years.  Mobile internet and smartphones now allow consumers to connect in real-time with your advertising campaigns and promotions.  Publishing clean, accurate, and also current product catalogs in a variety of digital formats has become a mandatory requirement.

Managing NPD / NPI / PLM for private label

As the market pushes towards more 'own branded' or 'private label' products within retail chains, marketing teams within these retailers are now required to manage their own internal new product development & introduction process (NPD / NPI / PLM).   In many cases, these team will be required to deal with external parties for manufacturing, design, packaging through to supply change and merchandising tasks - both locally and also globally.

Collaboration with suppliers is key to keeping control of these processes and also maintaining costs.  Industry initiatives such as implementing the GS1 system for numbering & barcoding, global data synchronization (GDSN), eCommerce (B2B) are all key elements to an efficient and visible supply chain.  Underlying all of this is data quality.  Taking control and introducing workflow management processes for your master data will ensure a high level of master data quality & governance.

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