Wholesale Distribution

Solution by Industry

 Clean & accurate transaction data

Procurement of products and the on-selling of these to your customers with a margin is the basic fundamental of a wholesale/distributor.  Margins are low, so the costs of doing business must also be kept at a minimum.  Potentially handling thousands of order transactions in & out of the business can only be efficient if the product catalogs within transactional systems are clean, accurate and also current.

Inventory management & order fulfilment

Clean and accurate product data from your suppliers allows you to more efficiently procure, store, and distribute these products to customers.  It is essential that you have quality information that can be used in stock reports to analysis current and future procurement requirements.  Having data integrity allows you to confidently place orders with suppliers, knowing the stock is available, the shipment will be correct and on time.

Digital commerce

Increasing your digital presence ultimately means more sales opportunities but at a lower sales cost.  Being able to publish tailored product catalogs in a number of digital formats (Web, DVD, and Smartphone Apps) has become a common and expected way for your customers (as well as their customers) to do business.

Linking people, process & information

Visibility and access to clean, quality product information has now become critical to any size company.  For management teams, being able to produce current and reliable reports for sales performance, margins, inventory holdings etc, can make or break a company who trades on low margins and high sales turns.  Just as important for your business is meeting compliance with country / industry regulatory requirements and monitoring your levels of data governance.