Wholesale Distribution

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Efficient supply chain operations

Wholesalers / Distributors need to procure and re-distribute their products to their customers quickly and efficiently.  As part of the procurement process, data alignment between organizations is critical to ensure orders, warehousing and re-distribution to your customers is a seamless and smooth process. 

Ensuring supply and reducing out-of-stocks

Holding current, as well as clean & accurate information about your products ensures that orders places will be fulfilled in full and on time.  Having full supply chain visibility ensures allows your organization monitor stock levels and supply from different suppliers across numerous geographical locations.

Sales, marketing and promotions

Your customers are always looking for additional ways to drive sales.  Having access to digital content such as images, line drawings, sketches and other electronic files allows you to quickly and easily publish product catalogs in formats that suits your customer’s requirements (DVD / CD, smartphone, tablets).  Making the process of doing business more simple, drives down costs and increases customer loyalty.

Speed-to-market for new products

All across your organization you have many people and departments, each completing tasks and driving value across the supply chain.  Whether it be sales or marketing teams, finance, supply chain or even external suppliers, having visibility and control across core business process is paramount.  Workflow management allows you to remove the non-value added task and free up people to working on strategy and improvement – each contributing to sales and business growth.

Supplier Submission Forms

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MRO / Spare Parts Management

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Global Data Synchronization (GDSN)

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Workflow Management

Remove the spreadsheet & documents, and implement a more controlled and visible workflow mana

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Customer Master Data (C-MDM)

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Remove the spreadsheet and documents and implement a more controlled and visible workflow managem

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Product Master Data (P-MDM)

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Claim / Rebates Management

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Vendor Master Data (V-MDM)

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RFP / Tender Management

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